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We’re passionate about helping clients with incredible demands on their time design and implement comprehensive financial plans to grow and protect their wealth.

In today’s market conditions, with increasing taxation pressures and geopolitical shifts, the requirement to ensure wealth is perfectly positioned, organised efficiently, and future-proofed is essential.

We work with clients to construct the most robust, transparent, healthy balance sheet. Helping clients to identify, achieve, and maintain the lifestyle they want. A full-service approach ensures clients’ unique and diverse needs are met by taking on the burden of organising relevant information, researching viable options and making recommendations that take into account not only all financial factors but clients’ values and beliefs about finances too.

Senior Professionals

Senior professionals are generally extremely time-poor. And in turn, personal finances are often neglected. And because of the attractive remuneration packages that senior professionals benefit from, this often means money builds up with no strategy for growth or preservation.

As a Senior Professional, more often than not, you will not have the time to undertake the research, facilitate the implementation and continually manage your money.

Interestingly an excellent example of this is professionals in the banking industry. Notwithstanding the fact they are armed with a depth of financial knowledge, they often don’t have the inclination to manage their OWN money. That’s why finding a trusted fiduciary partner can take this burden away, so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Retirees or nearing retirement

Whether you are nearing retirement or already retired, there will likely be lots that you want to do with more time on your hands. We help clients fulfil their lifestyle goals and simultaneously understand the options for passing on wealth to future generations tax-efficiently. We are here to support you through life’s adventures and provide the right solution at every step.

Whatever your goal, we will listen to you carefully and show how prudent planning can help you achieve your goals. Comprehensive analysis is essential to ensure that your wealth remains secure for you, your family, and future generations.


Wherever you are in the world, much planning is required to ensure you comply with the UK (domestic) and your country of residence’s international finance and tax laws.

Effective wealth management is key to success in today’s fast-moving world. But sometimes, it can be hard to tell what investment solutions are ideal for you with the added complication of being an ex-pat.

If you are interested in maximising the financial benefits of your expatriate employment, or need guidance on repatriation, we have the experience to help you enhance your wealth.


Non-UK domiciled individuals and families are subject to a unique set of rules.

Your domicile status will be a factor in determining your liability to income and capital gains tax. It is also a significant factor in determining your liability to inheritance tax. To avoid unnecessary tax costs, it is crucial to understand your domicile status and the tax implications that result from it.

There are plenty of opportunities for tax-efficient planning for Non-Doms, including using overseas trust and company structures.
We are able to provide bespoke advice tailored to the needs of UK Residents Non-Domiciled (UK RND) individuals. Together with your tax and legal advisors, we can help you invest your assets in the most tax-efficient way.

Business owners and entrepreneurs

Building a business can be immensely rewarding, but it can be hard to step away from the day-to-day issues. We work with entrepreneurs and business owners who require personal wealth management solutions, tailored specifically to their needs.

We understand the challenges faced by successful entrepreneurs and work with you through the different stages of growing your business, whether you are scaling your business or exploring your exit path, we can help to support your growth.

Case Studies

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    Martin and Sue

    Wanted to reduce inheritance tax and ensure their money remained in the family

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    David – A CEO of a telecommunications company

    Seeking help planning his retirement

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  • Case Study

    Margaret – A partner at a law firm

    Wanted a second opinion about the fees she was paying for the management of her investments.

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  • Case Study

    Peter – A Senior International Banker

    Repatriating and seeking guidance on tax planning and investment options.

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Pierce Cook

Commercial Director - ChatAbout LLP

So grateful for her insight

Jess is an ex-colleague from the Financial Times but latterly, we have worked together again at Mindful Money where Jess writes a regular offshore Private Adviser column for us. I am grateful for her insight and advice to our readers and only wish that she had more time to write more for us!

Simon Field

Executive Partner - Gartner

A real pleasure to work with

I have known Jessica for a couple of years, and have no hesitation in recommending her as a financial advisor. Jessica has helped organise my savings, providing insights and valuable advice without ever making me feel that I am being pushed towards some pre-determined agenda.

She has always made sure that she understands what it is I want to achieve before setting before me a choice of options. And her advice and explanations are clear without being patronising. A real pleasure to work with

Neil Irwin

Global Head of Distribution - Cignia

Jessica saved me a significant amount of tax

Ive met many financial advisers over the years but can honestly say Jessica has the highest integrity and ability of any financial adviser I’ve met to date. She listens carefully, understands exactly what my objectives and risk appetite are before providing appropriate and alternative options. Her timely advice saved me a significant amount in tax and she is now entrusted with managing the pension pot I worked so hard to build over the last 25 years.

Jessica immediately identified the problem with the way my pension fund was set up and put in place a completely different fund that suited my attitude to risk. The fund has grown approx 18% since Jessica took it over.

Jessica immediately identified the problem with the way my pension fund was set up and put in place a completely different fund that suited my attitude to risk. The fund has grown approx 18% since Jessica took it over.