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Everything we do is focused on your financial goals

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Our goal-based financial planning focuses on the importance of you and understanding the life you want to live.

We take pride in creating and guiding you along a clear path to financial success, even when complex situations arise. building lasting relationships with clients where services are based on fiduciary responsibility, integrity, and comprehensive, personalized service,.

For almost two decades, we’ve been providing trusted advice and solutions to build healthier, wealthier and wiser futures for our clients.

We provide:

  • Independent and objective advice
  • A transparent, competitive, cost structure to optimise your returns

  • An educational driven approach to your financial planning process

  • An academic, systematic approach to your investment strategy

  • Access for you, to the experience and expertise of our entire team

  • Regularly scheduled review meetings and performance reporting

Our clients

Our clients include worldly wealthy individuals, families, business owners, and entrepreneurs. We are proud to serve multiple generations of families to whom we provide holistic wealth management services.

Every client is unique

We work closely with you to understand your life and goals, and develop a personalized plan to help you get there. We are here to guide you at every life decision.

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Trust is the foundation of a successful financial professional/client relationship. Knowing this, we are committed to earning your trust through open, direct and professional communication


We are committed to providing a client-centered experience based in education. our principled approach can help you to feel confident in your ability to make sound decisions that will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Our fiduciary commitment

As a fiduciary we have an obligation to act in your interest only; our recommendations are for your benefit. Our only source of compensation is from clients, eliminating any conflict of interest. We recognise that as professionals entrusted to offer financial planning and advice, we hold a position of trust and confidence, when working with clients and are required to:

  • Act with undivided loyalty to you

  • Put your best interests first of all

  • Disclose to you any conflict, potential or real

  • Duly disclose how we are compensated; and do our best to ensure that the advice we give you is accurate and thorough

Jessica Cook
Private Client Adviser, Pensions Specialist, LLB (Hons) DipFA ASCI

Meet Jessica Cook

It starts with a client’s life and ends with their investments, not the other way round. Helping people live rich and without regrets, rather than dying rich and with regrets. To help people improve their lives by bringing truth, understanding, and discipline to the choices they make every day.

I’m Jessica Cook, Wealth Adviser to international professionals and families across the globe. Featured in the 2022 Times Newspapers’ Guide to the UK’s top-rated Financial Advisers.

My background is law, and a former career with the Financial Times. I’m also a regular financial columnist for multiple publications.

Working in partnership at AES International as a Private Client Adviser means delivering the next generation of demonstrably beneficial services to our clients and creating positive change.

I work with absolute integrity and dedication to my clients’ needs. With an ongoing commitment to providing professional excellence in every aspect of the advisory role.

Benefit from comprehensive, integrated, and objective advice.

Let’s discuss your specific needs and how I can help you meet your objectives

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Simon Field

Executive Partner - Gartner

A real pleasure to work with

I have known Jessica for a couple of years, and have no hesitation in recommending her as a financial advisor. Jessica has helped organise my savings, providing insights and valuable advice without ever making me feel that I am being pushed towards some pre-determined agenda.

She has always made sure that she understands what it is I want to achieve before setting before me a choice of options. And her advice and explanations are clear without being patronising. A real pleasure to work with

Neil Irwin

Global Head of Distribution - Cignia

Jessica saved me a significant amount of tax

Ive met many financial advisers over the years but can honestly say Jessica has the highest integrity and ability of any financial adviser I’ve met to date. She listens carefully, understands exactly what my objectives and risk appetite are before providing appropriate and alternative options. Her timely advice saved me a significant amount in tax and she is now entrusted with managing the pension pot I worked so hard to build over the last 25 years.

Jessica immediately identified the problem with the way my pension fund was set up and put in place a completely different fund that suited my attitude to risk. The fund has grown approx 18% since Jessica took it over.

Jessica immediately identified the problem with the way my pension fund was set up and put in place a completely different fund that suited my attitude to risk. The fund has grown approx 18% since Jessica took it over.

Pierce Cook

Commercial Director - ChatAbout LLP

So grateful for her insight

Jess is an ex-colleague from the Financial Times but latterly, we have worked together again at Mindful Money where Jess writes a regular offshore Private Adviser column for us. I am grateful for her insight and advice to our readers and only wish that she had more time to write more for us!