Second Opinion Review

Gain peace of mind about your investment portfolio

An investment portfolio second opinion, also called a “portfolio review,” is a detailed analysis of your financial holdings and associated strategies, allocations, fees and performance, to determine whether the most effective instruments and methodologies are being utilized to reach your goals.

When did you last review your finances?

When you’re sick, you visit a doctor. If your ailment persists or you’re told you need a more serious remedy, you get a second opinion. Why? Because when it comes to your health, you don’t mess around. You want to ensure you are receiving the most effective treatment possible to achieve optimal health. For individual investors, this in-depth analysis can also grant that all-important confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing a sound plan is in place and your investments remain on track toward achieving your personal financial goals.

What will your second opinion review uncover?

  • Your current portfolio performance (profit or loss)

  • Gaps in your investment plan that need immediate attention

  • A detailed plan of action to bridge these gaps and improve returns

  • A complete personal investment plan that matches your goals

The process

Step 1

  • First, we listen to you before we look at your current portfolio.

  • We ask questions and carefully listen as you explain your investment objectives, your financial goals, and the specifics of your unique, individual situation.

  • Then, and only then, will we ask to see your portfolio.

Step 2

  • Next we undertake a comprehensive analysis of your current position and holdings. We analyze your position by blending your investment objectives with our market and product provider knowledge.

  • Whilst doing so, we pay particular attention to key factors such as your investment objectives, time horizons and risk tolerance. Reviewing ongoing suitability and all important charges.

Step 3

  • Once we have completed our evaluation, we will offer you our best opinion on the quality, cost, and suitability of the investments you presently own.

  • A second opinion may identify and even help rectify problems with your current strategy, or simply provide an outside perspective to verify your current advisor is utilizing the most effective methodologies to attain your financial objectives. If your current portfolio is properly structured, we will tell you so. If we feel changes should be made, we will make specific recommendations.

Benefit from comprehensive, integrated, and objective advice.

Let’s discuss your specific needs and how I can help you meet your objectives