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There are many financial advisers that you could choose to work with. We know you have a bewildering variety of choice and it can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. So, why choose us?

Here’s the thing: We’re not advisers. We’re planners. We help you plan to achieve your goals for the life you want. We’re here to support you through life’s adventures. Life is a journey and so is your financial plan.

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Jessica Cook LLB (Hons) Chartered MCSI
Private Client Adviser, Pensions Specialist

Meet Jessica Cook

It starts with a client’s life and ends with their investments, not the other way round. Helping people live rich and without regrets, rather than dying rich and with regrets. To help people improve their lives by bringing truth, understanding, and discipline to the choices they make every day.

I’m Jessica Cook, Wealth Adviser to international professionals and families across the globe. Featured in the 2022 Times Newspapers’ Guide to the UK’s top-rated Financial Advisers.

My background is law, and a former career with the Financial Times. I’m also a regular financial columnist for multiple publications.

Working in partnership at AES International as a Private Client Adviser means delivering the next generation of demonstrably beneficial services to our clients and creating positive change.

I work with absolute integrity and dedication to my clients’ needs. With an ongoing commitment to providing professional excellence in every aspect of the advisory role.

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Benefit from comprehensive, integrated, and objective advice.

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We help you to answer all important questions such as:

How do I make the most of my pensions?2023-03-30T07:13:35+00:00

Whether you’re thinking about opening a pension plan, you’re looking at transferring your pension to a SIPP or QROPS, or you’re nearing retirement and considering your options. You should always make sure you’re fully clued-up when you’re making pension decisions, and seek further advice if you feel you need it.

Will my family be OK when I die?2021-09-10T08:39:20+00:00

No one wants to think about ‘kicking the bucket’, but putting your financial affairs in order can save your family from a lot of extra grief in the event of your death. Only by planning effectively and in advance can you be sure that you have taken the necessary steps available to you. Careful planning is often required to ensure your loved ones aren’t left with nasty surprises when you pass on your estate.

I am risk averse, where should I invest?2021-09-15T11:30:31+00:00

Risk and returns share a direct relation. While risk-prone investments are likely to yield higher returns, they also have higher volatility. Risk-averse investors are the ones who choose more stable returns, even if lower, over volatility. A key element in our financial planning process is to provide a robust investment engine for the realisation of your financial and life goals. Designed to offer a range of investment experiences which can be matched with your capacity for investment risk.

Can I retire early?2023-03-30T07:04:21+00:00

The ultimate goal for most retirees is making sure their assets last as long as they live. Once a person or household can no longer rely on earned income, balancing income and expenses becomes the primary focus of financial planning. And because of increasing longevity, managing cash flow is more critical than ever. We utilise cash flow planning to help forecast sources and uses of cash. Providing a framework that enables the most effective and efficient use of pension and investment income. You might be able to retire earlier that you think!

Am I going to have enough?2021-09-10T08:40:05+00:00

Enough means something different to everyone. Many people focus on asking if they have enough, when the real question is, enough for what? If you want to build up enough wealth to meet your life goals, the first step is knowing clearly what those goals are.  A clear financial plan will help you find the right balance between financial security and living your preferred lifestyle.

Create the life you want

Benefit from comprehensive, integrated, and objective advice.

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