It’s important to track down all the different pension schemes you’ve paid into, so that you can be sure you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to in retirement.

Some important things to note:

If you are frojm the UK and you left the employer between April 1975 and April 1988, you will have a pension, provided, you were over age 26 and had completed five years in the scheme. If not, you will almost certainly have had a refund of your pension contributions and have no further rights.

If you left the employer after 1988, you will be entitled to a pension, as long as you completed two years’ service. If you left the pension scheme with fewer than two years’ service, you probably received a refund of your contributions at the time you left.

A financial adviser can help track down lost or dormant UK pensions. There is also a new service which is run by the DWP that can help individuals track down pensions. You can find details on the pension tracing service here: