Should You Transfer Your Pension?

Is your pension valued over 500k, but you’re unsure whether a pension transfer is right for you?

  • Would you like to understand more about the options available?

  • Will you be better or worse off by transferring?
  • Are you making the most of your pensions?
  • Are you in excess of the current standard lifetime allowance? How will a pension transfer affect this?
  • Are you seeking tax efficiency by transferring your pension?

What if there was a way to get clarity on what’s best for your unique situation?

  • Get regulated advice to understand if a pension transfer is right for you.

  • Gain confidence that your retirement funds won’t run out

  • Maximise your pension in retirement
  • Expert advice in a client-friendly, jargon free format

I can help you to understand your position, in relation to your unique set of circumstances and current scheme benefits

Helping you to uncover whether or not a pension transfer is a reasonable option to consider.

Jessica Cook
Private Client Adviser, Pensions Specialist, LLB (Hons) DipFA ASCI

Hi, I’m Jessica Cook, a Wealth Adviser to International professionals and families across the globe.

I have a wealth of recent and relevant experience providing you with the reassurance that you will be receiving the best possible advice in this complex area.

Featuring in the 2022 Times Newspaper Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers. My background is law, and a former career with the Financial Times. I am also a regular financial columnist for multiple publications.

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Neil Irwin

Global Head of Distribution - Cignia

Jessica saved me a significant amount of tax

Ive met many financial advisers over the years but can honestly say Jessica has the highest integrity and ability of any financial adviser I’ve met to date. She listens carefully, understands exactly what my objectives and risk appetite are before providing appropriate and alternative options. Her timely advice saved me a significant amount in tax and she is now entrusted with managing the pension pot I worked so hard to build over the last 25 years.

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I will help you to weigh up your long-term needs and assess the suitability of your current pension. Together we will explore whether a pension transfer could be suitable for you.

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Do you have lots of different pensions? Do you find them difficult to manage or keep track of?

Consolidation of your pensions could keep things simple. Many people would prefer to have all of their pension pots in one place, to make them easier to keep track of and manage. Bringing all of your pensions together can create greater control and will likely be much easier to manage. If you have lots of pension pots, consolidating them into one scheme can remove the hassle of managing lots of plans with different providers. Transferring pensions to group together as one, can also reduce your fees and give you access to a wider range of investments. All of this could result in a higher pension income and a more comfortable retirement.

Jessica CookPensions Specialist, LLB (Hons) DipFA ASCI

No two clients are the same and I look at each case on its own merits. I will work with you to understand and add colour to your specific objectives.

Pensions usually offer many different investment options. Although some offer only a limited number of investment options. Think about whether you need more investment choices or if you’d be looking for some support with choosing investments. If you are seeking a wider investment selection, transferring to a scheme with more options could be an something to consider.

Jessica CookPensions Specialist, LLB (Hons) DipFA ASCI

I will ensure you understand both the risks and the benefits of a transfer before you make a decision.

Do you have a limited investment choice in your current pension?

Is your current pension inflexible?

Some older pension schemes may offer less flexible ways to gain access to your money at retirement. For example, some schemes that were established before the new pension freedoms were introduced in 2015 may not be as flexible as newer pensions. Meaning you cannot access your capital as and when you wish.

Jessica CookPensions Specialist, LLB (Hons) DipFA ASCI

Be aware -It’s possible that your current pension has valuable benefits that you’d lose if you were to transfer out of it. For example, additional death benefits, a higher tax-free lump sum or a guaranteed annuity rate option.

Simon Field

Executive Partner - Gartner

A real pleasure to work with

I have known Jessica for a couple of years, and have no hesitation in recommending her as a financial advisor. Jessica has helped organise my savings, providing insights and valuable advice without ever making me feel that I am being pushed towards some pre-determined agenda.

She has always made sure that she understands what it is I want to achieve before setting before me a choice of options. And her advice and explanations are clear without being patronising. A real pleasure to work with

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I feel I have received the best advise I could have had and feel that my pension is now much better off than it was before I started to work with Jessica.

From the start she gave open, honest and good advice. She answered all my questions clearly and helped me understand my options

Jessica was great, she provide guidance and advice in a way that was easy to understand. She is always available to answer my questions, offer advice and help solve any issues.

Jessica provided excellent impartial sound financial advice that we have been following to great effect for the past 5-years.

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In this eBook you will learn …

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  • When would a pension transfer be a good option to consider?

  • Are there any circumstances under which I may not transfer my pension?

  • Transferring out of a final salary scheme

  • How are Defined Benefit Pensions Calculated?

  • What is a CETV? How will a transfer value be calculated?

  • How long does a pension transfer take?

  • What does a pension transfer cost?

  • The Lifetime allowance and pension transfers

  • Are there any tax advantages to a SIPP?

  • Transferring to a QROPS

Plus additional pointers when considering a pension transfer.

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My expertise extends to overseas transfers and I am happy to provide advice in this area and consider QROPS where this may be a suitable solution.

Once benefits are transferred out of a Defined Benefit Scheme, this decision is irreversible and the guarantees associated with these schemes are lost. Whilst this is true, I know that every client is individual and has their own personal circumstances, needs and objectives.

I want you to make the right decision for you and your family.

We believe it is vital that anyone looking to potentially transfer their Defined Benefit pension gets the right ‘expert, unbiased and relevant’ advice prior to making any decisions. It is imperative that you understand the risks involved before making a transfer.

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Featured in

Pierce Cook

Commercial Director - ChatAbout LLP

So grateful for her insight

Jess is an ex-colleague from the Financial Times but latterly, we have worked together again at Mindful Money where Jess writes a regular offshore Private Adviser column for us. I am grateful for her insight and advice to our readers and only wish that she had more time to write more for us!

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